Blue Lagoon Route

Reykjavík – Krísuvík – Peninsula – Bláa Lónið – Kef Airport or Reykjavík

The Blue Lagoon needs no introduction. It is a place which makes your visit to Iceland unforgettable. It is said that if you haven’t been to the Blue Lagoon, you haven’t experienced Iceland. We offer here a day trip to the Blue Lagoon. First we will stop at Krísuvík which is sometimes said to be the most beautiful natural wonder in Iceland and is only 36 km away from Reykjavík. Krísuvík’s scenery is molded by geological events and lava.

The colourful scenery at Krísuvík’s geyser area is out of this world. We ask you to follow every safety precautions and instructions well. The stop at Krísuvík will be 40 minutes and the next stop will be where the North-Atlantic plate rises above sea level. The last stop for the tour will be the highlight of the day, the Blue Lagoon itself. There we will be able to enjoy ourselves in the lovely lagoon.

Included: Transport:
Sign language speaking tour guide
Ticket to the Blue Lagoon (2 hours)

Bring with you shoes meant for hiking and rough terrain, warm clothes, swimwear and towels.

Departure at 08:30
Arrival back from the tou:  14:40 heading to Kef Airport.