About Deaf Iceland Tours

Deaf Iceland offers tourism in sign language. We here Deaf Iceland Tours, have dipped our toes deep into the tourism here in Iceland, each in our corners. With our experience combined we started Deaf Iceland. Deaf Iceland offers day tours from Reykjavík to the main tourist’s attractions in the country which are worth seeing, even lesser known must-see locations.

Our offer is half-day tours, walks, hiking and events. We all love to travel and know how fun it is to go to a country, which is foreign to us, experience it and create memories. We also enjoy meeting new people – deaf people from around the world. We pride ourselves with our service to include sign language in all our services.

To join us and enjoy our services you need to book a trip with us – it is your gain and our honour to provide service to you, dear deaf traveller, in your trip to Iceland.

If you have any specific wishes or/and any questions about the tours, please contact us. We will answer you as best we can.
All tours have a three people minimum. If there are fewer than three that are interested, please contact us directly and we will do our best to accommodate to those needs.

We heavily emphasize on sign language availability during these tours, so as our tour guides and drivers are well versed in sign language.

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Deaf Iceland Tours
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